Spiral Wound Gaskets.

Why are spiral wound gaskets an advantageous choice?

Nowadays, spiral wound gaskets can be found in many cases, not by chance, as they have already been proven in many cases. The most important thing is that they have an extremely reliable sealing ability and fulfill their intended role to the maximum. This is a very important factor in relation to seals in general, since if this feature is not present, the part will be unable to prevent the flow of material into the system. This can lead to serious errors, which is why it is time-consuming and expensive to fix.

Spiral wound gaskets are also popular because they withstand extreme conditions. They are not harmed by high temperatures, nor can toxic substances attack the part. In some cases, this is a particularly great help, as it means that you do not have to part with the seal sooner than planned, because it could not withstand the intensive use.

Where they have been engaged in the production of spiral wound gaskets for years, they are aware that, for example, great emphasis must be placed on the selection of raw materials in order to achieve an impeccable end result. The stainless steel strip can serve particularly well in this area, but it is not uncommon for the spiral wound gasket to be manufactured from a softer but more solid material. A good raw material is the key to the production of a reliable part, but the conditions also matter a lot in this case.

Among other things, the soft material used for production can be graphite, which, in addition to chemicals, can also be harmed by oxidation.

The production takes place in a professional environment, which allows not only the production of quality products, but also the ability to easily adapt to short deadlines. Speed is also quite important in this area, you can forget about the long wait here, the ordered parts can be received very quickly.

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